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Announcement & Sticky [4]

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Castle Badges

Alright everyone , those who don't know what the badges are , the badges are the specific "Rewards" for when you reach a specific target , a milestone , complete a milestone or when you do something worth the reward.

Here are the specifications of the badges that are available and their requirements :-

Post Milestone Badge


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Missing Badges? Post here to retrieve them.

The Title says it all ;)
If there are any missing badges you should be having, just reply back here and I'll add it to your profile within 12 hours :D

To know what the badges are or what badges you should be having , please refer to this topic.

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Some Rules you shall Follow

1. No Double Posts are allowed in the forum , i.e. You are not allowed to make a second post after your first one until 24 hours have passed.
You can only double post after 24 hrs (1 day).

2. No Posts with less than 5 characters is not allowed either.
This Rule doesn't apply for "Posting Games" Forum & for some topics at "Other Stuff"

3. Do Not Give your Personal Info. to...

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Rules for creating a blog.

1. Please just follow the normal forum rules.
Forum Rules

2. Please do NOT use a image for your blog description.

3. Please don't make the blog title real big. Just add a title which suits your blog perfectly or so.

4. You can double post here after 6 hours , but not as a "Bump".

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Topics [13]

Well My life is a bit of mess right now. I stayed up until 3am on Art-Castle, and now I am tired as hell. Anyway I am from Australia, in Melbourne. For those of you who don't know me and Soul are good friends IRL But we both go to different schools now. Now I am all alone at my Hell of a School. That's all for now I Agree

by Kira - Comments: 86 - Views: 2341
My blog , my voice. "Pen is mightier than the sword , unless you've got a gun".

I'm 15.
Love Sketching and Day dreaming.
Don't have quite loads of friends IRL , so yeah.
I've always been a real big fan of cartoons from when I was of 4 , they used to air Space_Ghost back then.
My memory doesn't really go way back , but I never forget cartoons I watch lol (Includes animes.)
I'm sarcastic when I feel like it.
I'm always eating random stuff , it's oily too! but I can't seem to gain weight! Stupid food! >.>

I can write more...

by Fred100 - Comments: 69 - Views: 1783
well what is there to say about me?

I love anime and manga, I've seen more than anyone else I know

I'm an actor, I've stared in plays (not just school ones)

I'm a singer, was lead singer in a band but we broke up not too long ago

i'm a sergeant in the Australian Army Cadets and will be promoted at the end of the year

I'm trained in 3 types of unarmed combat and over 20 types of armed combat

I have a job at an electronics shop

I love reading and gaming

that's pretty much it

by bozo17 - Comments: 46 - Views: 1505
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Tori's Den


A Place For My Writings :).
Hey All this is where i'm going to post all my stories and poetry. Unless there becomes a section for them then i would post there lolz. Here is the Intro to my Stories so you guys/gals can get familiar with whats going on. This is also an open preject to the public... I write the sotires and the community comes up with the charaters. Anyone here can also join in on the character creating. If you would like to creat a character please PM me the character and the story on the character. I'll post a sample character so you can see how to create them.

by xPsychotic_-Vixenx - Comments: 26 - Views: 1158

I like keeping blogs, if I can remember that I have one.
I really just like to type a lot.
But yeah, 'lo there. I don't think I'm a particularly interesting person, but that's not so important. I'm still kind of new here, I guess.
I don't really mind what I'm called, but my most recent usernames have been Mr. MINTJAM and Shiki. I don't really pay attention to age, but I'm 20 right now. I don't judge on age, appearance or gender, but how someone acts.
I live in a place where it like to rain most of the year, I work and I attend college part-time. My main...

by Mr. MINTJAM - Comments: 24 - Views: 820
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Jakey's Blog

Hello I'm here to predict who's going to win the most biggest sporting even in the world. The Barclays Premier League. So here goes my prediction for the top 4.

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester United
3. Arsenal
4. Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea are in brilliant form and looks like they're unstoppable. Manchester United are coming up on Chelsea, but is not a serious threat really. Manchester City are going great but I think it will all stop for them in the mid-season.

by Jakey - Comments: 23 - Views: 938
Well in here ill post about my life in Australia. More percificly, the big city Melbourne.

Firstly i wanna talk about my day today. It was horror! I had to get up at 7:00 am For Cricket, but it was worth it.

I played my first game today, And was opening in the batting. But after 14 long overs i got stumped/Run out.
But it was all good, I had a fair go. As its a two dayer i continue in the feilding team next week, cant wait Very Happy

by Soul Eater - Comments: 19 - Views: 772
HAI. =)
So I've been here for a pretty long time, joined when Fred asked me I believe. ;D So to start off, I love orange. Insult it and someone gets hurt. Kay? Mm, I enjoy making graphics, still learning lots though. I need to improve so much. O: I do love to draw too. Though I haven't been drawing recently. Anyway, I'm a forumer =) I love love love forums<3 Used to be addicted, but that changed ever since I started high school last year. =/ I love my RL friends a lot<3 and also my internet friends =) I also love anime. I could list tons and tons but I'm not going to.

by Lightbulb621 - Comments: 18 - Views: 986

[[The Blog of Britt]]
Oh, hello. <3 I'm so happy you actually bothered to read this! Very Happy For those who don't really know me, I go by Britt. Which is a variation of my real name - Brittany. (I don't lke that name, so don't call me by it.) I am 13 years young, I'm an honors student in English, I am in the 8th grade and I'm very lazy! I am 165.1 cm - I think. I live in the USA so I have the dumb ass measurements. =\ I weigh 7 13/14 stones OR 50348.753 g. Again, this is a rough estimate since I'm used to the customary system....

by Miss Murder - Comments: 13 - Views: 698
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DD'z Blog :D


Don't sleep through it :P!
Well, jallo. My virtual name is Dark Duelist or DarkNess or DarkKid or Dark.Anonymous and many more! xD My real name is Steven....... I dun wanna tell pplz me real surname xD Lulz.. well, I live in London, which is in the U.K for those who don't know Razz I live in a little town called ...... I dun wanna reveal all about myself, do I? Wink Anywayz.. I'm kinda lazy... to tell you what kinda lazy I am.. I can't be bothered to walk to school.....

by Dark Duelist - Comments: 13 - Views: 621
Well hey guys! Most of you won't know me im a old member that tends to go on long leaves WOAH! Anyway im currently on leave from gfxing or semi retired but you can always check out my showcase. Im friends with most old users (i think scratch ) Some may hate me (check out my flame wars with people in old threads!) But after all thats just me. I have a annoying habit of kidding with serious stuff when tired. I'm a sole gamer I currently am rocking...

by Kun - Comments: 7 - Views: 565

My random blog about anything that I wanna write about >.<
Soo... This is my blog! Very Happy -awkward silence- I've quit RuneScape! That's right >Surprised I know it sounds impossible but I have >.> I'll most probs re-join rs by October >.> I've decided imma concentrate on trying to get into college <.< and going to parties 'o.0 Anywayyy... erm wut do I talk about now? >.< Ahhhh I know =o ANIME! #_# I can't wait for the next episode of Bleach >.

by PrettyInPink - Comments: 3 - Views: 395
It's a story I wrote, based on a roleplay on another site that we've actually yet to start hehe. I'll give you the full description later but for now, I'll just say it's about four human girls named Subaru, Kagumi, Kimiko, and Haruhi. Their friend goes missing and they try to find him only to find THEMSELVES in a load of trouble when they somehow wind up in an entirely different world. They meet this witch named Taoka who's lost her powers except for a peculiar ability to turn into a black kitten. They get these cool gauntlets that allow them to materialize basically any melee weapon. Overall,...

by TWiLiGHT - Comments: 2 - Views: 363

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