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Tori's Den

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Tori's Den


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Hey All this is where i'm going to post all my stories and poetry. Unless there becomes a section for them then i would post there lolz. Here is the Intro to my Stories so you guys/gals can get familiar with whats going on. This is also an open preject to the public... I write the sotires and the community comes up with the charaters. Anyone here can also join in on the character creating. If you would like to creat a character please PM me the character and the story on the character. I'll post a sample character so you can see how to create them.

Introduction To AbuseMent Park: The Series.

History: AbuseMent Park: The Series started in 2010.
The name comes from my PS3 gaming clan AbuseMent Park. The stories
however has Nothing to do with gaming at all. I write the stories and
the community makes the characters. It’s open to anyone and everyone on my
site Or other sites to make characters to contribute to the park or have die. The Park
is full of all kind of beings that plans on destroying the world.

AbuseMent Park Background:

The Park itself is controlled by Queen Calina Drucellous. She is the
heart and soul of the park. She was created by Darkras a mystical being
unknown to our world. He gave her powers no man can withstand. She has
long jet black hair, Long nails for tearing through flesh. She dwells
in the building with the stairs that only go down. She kills everything
and everyone who comes down to her den. The only way for her to spare
you is if your soul is dark and evil and wanting destruction. She lets
them live and dwell in the Park, They are her children. She allows them
to kill for her and help aide in the destruction of the Human race.
Though many try to stop her, She’s unstoppable but she does her have
one weakness.

Creatures In The Park: The creatures vary from Demons, Cannibals, Slashers, Reapers, Ghosts, Hell Hounds, Maniacs and much more.

Character Info:

Character informations is always growing and changing for me to write
them all down one time but they will be unveiled as the stories
progress and will also be revealed at the end.

Park Places-

Queens Den
- The Queens Den is a 2 story building but has only one way to go and that's down. Once down the long spiral stairs you come across a door. Upon opening the door there are 3 halls all covered in blood and bones. at the end of the middle hall is a secret door this is the queens torture chamber Smile.

Park Entrance- The Vendor loves to hang out at the entrance of the park to see if any victims fall for his ploys.

The Reapers Trailer- The Reapers trailer is a few feet from the parks entrance and it looks seemingly normal to the unknown eye. Once your inside you see his puppets made of human parts and heads displayed everywhere.

3 Story Building w/ Basement-
This 3 story building in habits alot of different kinds of evil.
1st Floor- Jennifer- Demonic Energy
2nd Floor- Hell Hounds Master
3rd Floor- Snake The Demon
Basement- Mel The Manic Ripper

The Haunted House-
The psycho/cannibal Stan dwells here and he is crazy as crazy can be.

Sample Character:

Name- Jennifer Bacic Also Called Lilith
Age: Immortal
Origin- Unknown

One of a more powerful class of demons, her eyes appear white, not
black, in a human host. Lilith came across the AbuseMent Park one day
when she overshadowed a boy being led into a evil place. She watched as
they tortured people. She watched them kill and spread their blood like
butter. She knew this is the place for her. She knew people will come
to her realm of the park and never get out. This is where she will call

Powers- Overshadowing,
Supernatural strength, She Can Posse You, She has razor sharp Nails
used for slashing flesh, Fire Balls, Teleport, and Astro Project

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Post on Tue May 03, 2011 8:51 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

AbuseMent Park-The Series: And Then There Was Darkness.

It all started with darkness. That's when he was created. He is neither
man nor spirit. He is complete evil in all senses. His name is Darkras
and he was solely created to bestow balance between good and evil in
the world. Soon he began to gain Knowledge and powers of all sorts. The
only thing it wanted to do was to kill and destroy. Nothing can stop
Darkras he is the destroyer of planets. He brings hellish beings from
within him to feast on the inhabitants before he destroys the planet.
He is a very mysterious Void and only appears if he wants you to see

He has destroyed millions of planets and craved more
everyday. With every planet he destroyed he gained a new power. He has
powers no man wishes to bestow unless they strive for pure evilness and
darkness. Darkras destroyed every planet in the 74th universe there was
only one planet left for him to feast on. The planet Earth it was
called. He could sense all the pain and anger on the planet, He had to
take a closer look and see what is the meaning of this planet. He
turned invisible and flew down toward earth. He happened to be over
Transylvania, he could sense something was wrong. He saw a mob of
people all raging and headed towards a house. He wanted to know why
they were going there with such anger in their voices. He began to
follow them and read their minds “She has to die she can’t just kill
and get away with it” Thought one guy. “Murderer” Thought a lady. He
read so many minds he found out what Calina did to become so hated by
the townsfolk.

He followed them to her house and seen them burst
into her house knock her mom out and corner the girl in a room. He
watched as they called her names and began slashing her with their
knives. She begged for them to stop and pleaded for her life. But they
didn’t stop they kept cutting her until her blood covered the walls.
She lay on the ground in a pool of her blood, They slowly backed away
from her. They were covered in her blood and they liked it. “Yes we
have rid the town of the evil” said a guy from within the crowd. They
cheered as they dropped their weapons and left. When they left Darkras
could see the girl was not dead she was still breathing. He entered her
body and could feel all the hate and darkness that consumed her. He
felt all the pain she has gone through and all the wrongs that happened
in her life. He knew she could destroy this planet for him. He left her
body and a dark void filled the room. He appeared to the girl “I’m the
one they call Darkras i can help you wreak havoc on this world.” He
explained “I can give you powers no man wishes to come across, i will
make you an all powerful being who can not be stopped you will live
forever My child.” he said. She rose from the blood pool and floated in
the sky. Her arms spread out and her cuts began to heal. Her hair grew
long and jet black, Her nails grew long and sharp for ripping people
apart. Her eyes turned black and she was filled with many powers given
to her by Darkras. “With these powers you will cause hell on earth, get
revenge on those who tried to stop you.” he said as he started to

She began to float back down to the ground and she
could feel the power within her. She liked what it felt like. So much
hate, anger, rage, and pain filled her veins. She will kill anyone and
anything that crossed her path. The light began to come back and she
knew Darkras was leaving her. He floated out of her window and up into
the sky. He will watch as she causes hell on earth. She awoke in a
blood stained room and looked around. She sniffed the air and
teleported into her living room. Her mom was coming to now and didn’t
know what happened. She opened her eyes and screamed. The girl floated
up and swung her hand and her mom went flying into the wall. She
floated to the ground and ran over to her mom. She scratched her from
her face to stomach and her mom started to scream she punched her so
hard her hand went through her head. She shook her arm trying to get
the head off of it. Her moms body fell to the ground, she ripped her
arms and legs off and threw them to the side. Blood was everywhere and
this was only her beginning. She walked to the door and teleported
outside of it. The only thing in her mind was to kill and get revenge.
Darkras watched as she began her terror on the town. it made him proud


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 8:57 am by PrettyInPink

Omg 'o.0 I absolutely love it <3 I soooo cannot wait for the next part 0.0 Darkras is a nice name xD


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 8:59 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

Thanks Smile he was created by a good friend of mine Smile who figured the Queen should have her powers come from somewhere lolz... i would post a few more but not sure if they are counted as a double post lolz the rules here kinda confuse me o.O


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 10:11 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

AbuseMent Park- The Series: The NightMare Begins.

Staring out the window she watches as her mom leaves in her car. She watches as she drives down the street and out of sight. She gets up from her chair and goes downstairs into her living room. She takes a cookie from the plate on her coffee table and sits on the sofa and bounces as she eats the cookie. Her cat jumps up on the sofa and starts rubbing her head on Calina’s hand. She looks down and watches the cat, she gets up from the sofa and walks into the kitchen. She grabs a knife and the hammer and walks back into the living room. She grabs the cat by the neck and puts her on the floor. She smashed his head in with the hammer and blood squirted on the rug. She takes the knife and skins the cat and cuts it up into little pieces.

Her mom returns and sees her cutting up the cat. She runs over and grabs the knife and throws it to the other side of the room. “Oh my god Calina what have you done” she asks and she looks down in amazement. “Your 19 years old you can’t keep doing things like this, you need to grow up already and act like a lady” she says and she pulls Calina up from the floor. She dragged her by her arm upstairs and into the bathroom “Your birthday is tomorrow and i don't want anymore of this nonsense to go on anymore” she said as she let her go. “Now clean yourself up and come down for dinner” she said as she closed the door behind her. Calina looks at her self in the mirror and sees all the blood on her face and in her hair. She slowly began to smile, it made her feel important but in a weird way. She climbed in the tub and opened the window, she climbed out and ran down the street.

She ran into a couple of girls standing in a amusement park entrance. “Hey watch where your going” one girl said as she turned around. “Oh My God are you okay” the girl shouted as she reached to touch Calina. She didn’t speak she just stared at them. They turned away form her and mumbled to themselves. They turned back to her and grabbed her arm “Come on your safe with us” said one girl as they walked towards a car. They put her in and quickly got in the car and drove her to their house. When they arrived they took her out of the car and into the house. One girl ran upstairs to get a bowl of water and a rag. The other two girls walked her into their living room and sat her down. “Are you okay? What happened to you?” one girl asked. Calina didn’t look at her she turned her head and looked out the window. “Poor girl must be in shock” said the other girl as she ran her fingers through her hair. The other girl came back down stairs with the bowl of water and a wash rag. She sat it next to Calina and wet it and tried to wipe her face. The sun went down as they washed her face and hands, Calina looked out the window then back at the girls. She jumped up and ran into the kitchen and grabbed anything she could. She grabbed a turkey carving knife and headed towards the girls. Calina screamed and ran for the front door. They chased her but she was to quick, She opened the door and ran down the street.

They ran out the door after her and one of the girls grabbed the car keys. They jumped in the car and chased her. Calina ran back to the amusement park and hid in one of the buildings. The girls arrived and found an empty park. They walked in and looked for the girl, They split up and tried to cover more ground. They didn’t find her anywhere “Where could she be” asked one girl as she looked around. Calina ran into a room and slammed the door. The girls turned to see where tho noise came from. “It came from that building, She must be so scared” one of the girls said as they walked towards the building. They walked up the stairs and into the building. There was only one way to go and that was down. They slowly walked down the stairs and saw the closed door at the bottom of the steps. Knowing Calina was down there they kept moving, They came across 3 small halls in the bottom of the building and decided to each go down one. One girl took the middle hall, as she walked down the hall she could hear faint breathing. “Hello is anybody down here” she said as she walked down the hall. She could see something moving but couldn’t make it out so she moved closer.

Just as she neared the end of the hall the light went out. The girl screamed and Calina jumped out of the shadows and sliced her arm. She screamed and grabbed her arm she tried to turn around but Calina stabbed her in the back. She screamed and fell to the ground, Calina slit her from her stomach to her throat and laughed when the blood squirted on her. She could hear the other two girls running in the other halls and started running towards their direction. She got to the end of the hall and waited for the other two to reach her. When one of them got close enough she stabbed her in the cheek with the knife. She didn’t scream she just fell to the ground. The other girl turned the corner and saw Calina standing over her friend slicing her from head to toe. She shouted and ran towards the steps. She made it up the steps but Calina was right behind her. Calina luged with her knife and caught her in the lower back she shouted as she fell to the ground. Calina stood over her body and looked down at her “Why are you running i just want to play” she said as she dragged her back downstairs. The girl was screaming and begging for her life but Calina just kept dragging her. Her body made a loud bang on every step as she dragged her down. She closed the door behind her and dragged her down the middle hall. She went to the back of the hall where there was no light she laid her body in the corner and stood over her. “Now this will hurt you more than it’ll hurt me” she said as she started laughing. She got on her knees and stabbed her more than fifty times. She cut her skin off and took out her organs, she threw them down the hall. She got up from the body and walked to the other side of the hall. She sat down to admire her work and before she knew it she was asleep.

Several weeks has passed and the word is out that three girls who went to an amusement park was missing. The people of the town knew who had something to do with it but they had to make sure. They rallied up and waited for the night, They surrounded Calina’s house and demanded she come out. They threw rocks through her windows and finally couldn’t wait any longer. They got on her porch and and burst open her door, it swung open and hit the wall. They all rushed in and began shouting. No one would answer them back the house was quiet. They searched the house from top to bottom but no one was found but her mother. Her mother was found drunk and staring at a blank television screen. They brought her downstairs and demanded to know where her daughter was. She couldn’t help them as much as she could help herself stand up. She mumbled words that made no sense and stumbled with every step she took. “I remember the flyer saying the last place the girls went was the amusement park” said one of the people from the crowd. They grabbed her mother and brought her outside, They threw her in the car and drove away.

They drove to the amusement park and parked in the street. They got out of their cars and dragged her mother out. They entered the park and started searching for the girl. She was no where to be found but a mysterious smell caught their noses. “It’s coming from that building” one of them said as they pointed. They walked over to the building and walked up the stairs, they entered the building and saw the steps leading down. They turned on their flashlights and looked around. Someone pointed their flashlight towards the stairs and saw the blood trail leading down. “Look over there” he shouted as everyone turned their lights. They followed the blood trail down the long staircase and could see an arm at the bottom of the stairs. They walked in the door and could see blood and limbs everywhere. They flashed their lights down each hall and saw one had more blood than the rest of them. They went down the middle hall looking for the girl, they were stepping over chucks of meant and bones on the floor. They came to the end of the hall to see the girl sitting in the corner like she was hiding from something. They surrounded her and threw stuff at her. “You deserve to die” they shouted as they moved closer to her. She looked up at them “Get out of here” she yelled as she tried to get up. They pushed her back down and began to beat on her. The beat her until she was black and blue. Four people in the crowd had knifes, they pulled them out and began cutting and stabbing her.

She lye on the floor in a pool of her blood. Her mom screamed when she saw what they did to her. They backed away from her and realized they were covered in her blood. They threw the knifes at her and tossed her mom to the side and began to leave. Her mom tried to make her way back towards the stairs with the crowd. They pushed her away and she hit her head on the wall and fell to the floor. They turned from her and walked up the stairs, got back in their cars and drove away. Calina was faintly breathing on the floor, she wasn’t dead but she would be if no one helped her.

The hall turned black as a voice started to speak to her. “I can help you” it said as it slowly started to show itself to her. She was to weak to look up she just lye there. “I want you to destroy the human race so i can destroy the planet.” it said as it began to lift her from the ground. “You will be the destroyer of man kind, you’ll be stronger than anything in this world. Nothing can stop you they can only follow” it said as he lifted her higher. She floated in the air, her arms spread apart and her wounds began to heal. Her hair grew long and jet black. Her nails grew long and sharp, her eyes turned black, her teeth grew sharp. She kept her human form and gained so much power she thought was was going to die. The powers hit her one after the other, When it stopped she began to float back down to the ground. She landed on her knees and the dark mass stuck his arm through her body. She gasped as it entered her, he pulled out her soul and said some words. When he finished speaking he put her soul back into her body. “This is where you’ll stay and wreak havoc from on this world. You can never leave this place until i return to you, If i ever return to you” it said as it began to move and fade away from her sight.

The light returned in the hall and she could see her mother gaining her conscious back down the hall. “What happened” she asked as she grabbed her head. Calina teleported to her and was amazed and what she just did. She picked her mother up by the neck “Why didn’t you help me” she asked as she held her mom up in the air. “I-I-I couldn’t” she said as she tried to breathe. Calina threw her down the hall and she slammed on the ground. She waved her hand sideways and her mother flew into the wall beside her. Calina looked down at her hands in shock at what she just did. “I wonder what else i can do” she thought. She teleported to the end of the hall and her mother tried to crawl away. “Wha- What happened to you, Your not my daughter” she said as she tried to get away. Calina got so angry when she spoke those words to her. She threw up her hand and in it formed an energy ball. She looked at it and smiled, she threw it towards her mother and watch as it shocked and burned through her skin. She was nothing more than bones left on the floor.

Calina laughed an evil laugh, she liked to hurt people and she wanted more but mostly she wanted revenge. She astral projected herself above ground to see the park still there. She saw people riding rides and walking around as if nothing happened to her down there. She floated above everyone and tore the place apart. People where screaming and trying to get away, she waved her hand towards the crowd and they went flying into the concession stands. She threw energy ball after energy ball into the crowds. She floated down and began tearing people limb from limb. She sliced people apart with her sharp nails. She threw their arms and legs all around the park and kept their heads as prizes. The park was covered in blood, bones and bodies laid every where. The sign to the park fell and a new one rose form the ground. Welcome To The AbuseMent Park it read and she felt at home once again. “Anyone who dares come here with pure souls will die, Head my warning this world shall parish. I’m Queen Calina from this day forth and everyone must die” she said as she floated above the sign. “This is my park” she thought and laughed as she drifted back into her body.

The evils of the world will come here to aide or please her by doing her evil deeds. But those who find her Den are unlucky and never return. She waits for the disturbance in the air for her next kill and surly she wants revenge on the ones who hurt her. Anyone unlucky enough to stumbled into the park never makes it out. This is just the beginning of the nightmare that became reality


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 4:01 pm by mikefx

Wow!! did you just type all that.. Surprised
its a really good story though, very well done.. I Agree
just aswell i didnt read this before i took my dog for a walk in the park earlier on in the dark though.. affraid


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 4:02 pm by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

lolz i have them written already Smile so simple copy and paste i have a few new ones up my sleeve Smile


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 4:20 pm by mikefx

Hmmm!! funy place to keep your stories... up you sleeves.. scratch
might be better keeping them in your desk...
ha ha, only joking.. Laughing
your very good at writing stories though...


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 4:23 pm by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

Lolz yea they make me itch Wink

Thank You Smile


Post on Tue May 03, 2011 11:39 pm by Fred100

Freddie likey!!
Great stuff Tori Smile Still wondering what Calina's gonna do next Very Happy


Post on Wed May 04, 2011 4:05 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

Thanks Smile


Post on Wed May 04, 2011 4:11 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

AbuseMent Park- The Series: What Lies Beneath

Watching and old western movie Jack sit in his chair and has a flash back. “Hey boy what you doing with that there gun?” asked a man as he walked towards Jack. “Your a little to young to be carrying that around. Why don’t you hand it over.” the man asked. The gun started to shake and a light fog started to form behind Jack. The man got scared and started to back away. Jack grabbed the gun from behind him only to see it had a faint glow. He pointed it towards the man “Why don’t you go away before you see what this really can do” said Jack as he started to move closer to the man with his gun pointed straight at him. The man turned and walked away as if nothing happened. Jack looked down at his gun and the glow was fading out and the fog was going away. “What is this, why does it happen only when i feel threatened” Jack asked to himself. He walked away not knowing where he was going.

Jack heard a loud bang that startled him from his day dream. “What was that” He asked himself. He looked over at his gun and saw it was fine. He stood up from his chair and walked towards his kitchen. He entered his kitchen and saw some spoons on the floor. He went to pick them up and noticed blood spot on the floor. He went to inspect it a little further and saw another one. He followed the trail of blood spots and saw a girl hiding behind his counter. “How did you get in here?” he asked the girl. She looked up at him and didn’t say anything. “What do you want?” he asked her. She looked up at him and began to cry “Mister you got to help me please” she said. Jack had a puzzled look on his face “Help you Hell I don’t even know how you got in here” he said as he stood up straight. The girl stood up and walked past him “Look the door was open i just ran in i felt safe in here.” She explains. She walked to the door “Mister please my friend Sue and Peter went into some park and now they’re screaming and, and-” she paused and stared out the door. “And what finish” jack demanded she turned from the door and looked at him. “I went in and they’re dead they’re dead okay....I think Sue is alive she was hiding. Please you have to help me” She begged. He walked over to her and tried to console her. He walked her to the living room and sat her on the sofa. He gave her a blanket and told her she’ll be okay. “I’ll go check it out first thing in the morning” He explains to the girl “Right now you need rest.” he says as he lays her down.

The next morning she awakes to the smell of french toast in the air. She walks to the kitchen to see Jack standing next to the stove singing and cooking. She smiles and looks over to the left to see a spot on the table made up for her. She goes over to the table and sits down, Jack turns around with the french toast in his hands and sits them on the table. They eat and Jack puts the dishes into the sink and they move from the kitchen to the living room. She sits on the sofa and notices Jack shotgun leaning on the wall. “That’s a nice shotgun, I never seen one like that” she says as she points to the shotgun. Jack turns and looks and smiles “Yea its my special baby, I had it since i can remember.” he explained. The girl got up and looked at the clock it said 1:30pm “Oh my god Sue” she yelled. Jack jumped up and tried to relive her. “Who’s Sue?” he asked She stopped and looked him in the eyes “Sue is the girl i was telling you about last night, You have to go help her please.” she explains as she walks towards the door. Jack grabs her and makes her sit down “I will go check it out you stay here...Where is she?” he asked. She wrote down a street name on a tissue and Jack grabs his shotgun and leaves while she watches him out the window.

Jack arrived on the street the girl had wrote down on the tissue. When he looked up he got cold chills from the sight he just saw. “What is this place” he thought to himself. He got a little closer and he cold see a figure emerging from the fog pushing a cart. Out of curiosity he goes over to the man. “Hello sir do you want to come in and enjoy the park” asked The Vendor. He started to grin and Jack took a step back. “Is Sue or Peter in there?” he asked The Vendor. The man starts to laugh “Come on in they’re here having fun with the clowns....You may like them as well” he says while approaching Jack. “Here have some cotton candy no one can come to the park with out having cotton candy” he reaches for his cart but before he can Jack slaps his hand down. “No thanks i’m just going to look for Sue and Peter” he says as he walks past The Vendor. Jack disappeared into the fog “No one denies my cotton candy we will see how far he goes” The Vendor said as he pushed his cart towards a big black building to the left of the park.

Jack came across some stands in the park that were covered in blood. He looked around and didn’t see anyone all he saw everywhere were bones. He started to move towards the building he saw in the middle of the park. As he began to get closer to the building his shotgun begins to shake and Jack grabs it and holds onto it tightly. As he looks back up He sees a boy curled up on the ground in front of the building. He runs over to the boy “Are you okay” Jack asked the boy. The boy looked up at him and didn’t say anything. Jack reached down to touch his shoulder but his hand went straight through the boy. Jack gasped and realized he was talking to a ghost he stood up and made his way up the stairs. When he walked through the door all he could hear was screaming and cries for help. “How come i didn’t her screaming when i was outside” he thought. He heard a woman yelling from down the hall so he ran to help her. He cam up to a blood drenched hall with scratches along the walls. He went to the door he heard the yelling coming from and opened it. As he opened the door he could feel his gun shaking even more. He walked into the room and there was a dark figure in the corner of the room. “Hello are you okay?” he asked the figure. He moved closer to the figure to see what it was. Just as he got close enough to make out what it was it jumped on him and bit him on the arm. He shot his shotgun but it didn’t hit the figure. He ran to the other side of the room and looked around for the figure. It was gone “What was that....Where did it go” He asked out loud. Jack looked down at his arm he could see the bite marks from the figure and he could see the blood dripping from his arm.

Jack walked out the room clenching his arm. He wasn’t in any pain but didn’t want to leave a blood trail anywhere. He ripped his shirt and tied it around his arm to stop the bleeding. He heard laughter and yelling coming from outside the building. As he made his way towards the front door he noticed there were stairs that lead upstairs and some that lead downstairs. anxious he walked over the the stairs that lead down. He clutched his shotgun and made his way down the stairs. He came across a door down the stairs and opened it slowly. As he walked in the hall he could see lights on the walls and foot prints like her never seen before. He made it to the middle of the hall before he heard noises like scratching on a door. When he got to the end of the hall there were two doors one was locked but the other was opened. He slowly turned the knob and the scratching stopped. Once he got the door all the way open he looked in he aimed his shotgun and walked in. He didn’t see anything but blood and bones in the room. He walked toward the bathroom of the room and saw a dead girl in the tub faced down. He put his shotgun on his back and ran towards the girl. “Hey i’m here your safe” he said as he went to grab her. She rose from the tub and floated above him. “You dare enter my hell house now you will die like the others” she said as she pointed to him. Jack grabbed his shot gun and tried to shoot her. He shot her in the chest and she just laughed. He ran out of the bathroom and towards the door. “Bring me his soul” she shouted and out the corner of his eye he seen dogs like no other chasing him. These dogs didn’t look like any dogs he ever seen before. They’re skin was ripped and they were blood covered, they had sharp teeth and blood colored eyes. Jack ran as fast as he could to get down the hall and out of the building. The dogs were right behind him barking and trying to bite him. As he reached the final step a dog bit his ankle and tried to drag him back down. Jack grabbed his shotgun and shot the head off the dog. He heard the woman yell as he shot the rest of the dogs. He made it to the top step and the last two dogs didn’t follow him they stood at the bottom of the stairs barking. He looked down at his leg and saw the dog ripped his leg to pieces but he knew he had to get out.

When he got out of the building he didn’t see the ghost boy anymore. He walked past a big sign that said Welcome To The AbuseMent Park “The abusement park” he thought to himself. “Who would make such a hellish place” He asked. He started to hear a woman's laughter coming from a big black building. He started to head over to the building and his shotgun started to go crazy. It lit up and a fog started coming off of it. He knew something bad was in this building. He knew he had to go see is Sue or Peter was in there. He made his way towards the building and went inside the doors. There was no halls and there were no doors just a big spiral staircase leading down to the laughter. He had light from his shotgun as he made his way down the staircase. As he reached the bottom of the staircase a dark figure jumped on him and knocked him out.

When he woke up he was in a black room with no windows or any sign of life. He tried to move but he couldn’t. “I can’t control my arms and legs what’s happening.” he asked himself. He looked around for his shotgun but it was nowhere in sight. “Help....Help” he yelled but no one came to his aide. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again there stood a woman in front of him “What are you doing here” she asked. He looked at her but didn’t answer “No one makes it this far in my park” She explained “You’re suppose to be dead by now none of my minions took care of you” She started to laugh “Well it time for me to have some fun” she said as she reached down for him. Jack tried to move away and as he did he got control of his hand. He punched her in the face and tried to move as best as he could. She ran over and picked him up and threw him against the wall. The impact of Jack put a big hole in the wall. “You dare hit me.... Do you know who i am” She said as she started to float. She floated to him a picked him up again she slammed him into the floor and beat him until she saw blood come from everywhere.

He begged her to stop but she kept going. She flicked her hand and he flew to the other side of the room. he saw his shotgun out side of the room. He called for his shotgun and it floated back to his hands. He pointed it at her and shot her in the arm. She yelled and flew backwards. “This is my chance” he said as he tried to get up. “I have to get out of here” He said as he limped towards the door. The lady rose from where she was and made a hand motion that made him stop in his path. But it didn’t hold him for long. He started to regain his motion again and started to run as fast as he could. She was puzzled by this. She tired to read his mind but couldn’t something blocked her from his mind. She yelled a yell that you could hear five miles away a yell that made your ears bleed. Jack dropped to his knees and clenched his ears he could do noting but scream. When the yelling stopped he grabbed his gun and made his way back up the stairs. He looked behind him and saw the woman standing at the bottom of the stairs. he stared at her and she turned and walked away. Jack turned and limped up the stairs and made his way back to the top of the building.

When he made it to the top he ran for the door. When he got to the door he saw the woman standing there waiting. He looked behind him and didn’t see her anymore. “how did she get up here so fast” he asked himself. When he turned around she was right in front of him. She slapped him to the other side of the hall. The impact of him hitting the wall shook the building. He dropped his shotgun on impact. The woman walked over and picked it up. She felt all the power his had and she liked it. She knew she had to have it. She aimed at Jack and laughed “Now what’s yours will be mine and you shall perish like the rest” she said as she pulled the trigger. Jack lunged up and smacked the gun it fell to the floor. He grabbed it and pointed it at her “No you will perish and everyone here will die with you” He said as he shot her in the head. She fell to the floor and disappeared. He heard yelling and banging coming from downstairs. Jack picked himself up and exited the building. He made his way towards the exit of the park. Just as he made his way to the exit The Vendor walked up to him “Looks like you could use some cotton candy” he said while laughing. Jack looked him up and down and pulled his shotgun up and shot The Vendor in the leg. He screamed and clenched his leg. Jack exited the park and vowed he will come back and kill everyone who wronged him in that park.

He returned home badly beaten and bruised. The girl ran to him when she saw him from the window. “Oh my god are you okay....We need to get you to a hospital” she said as she wrapped his arm around her neck to help him inside. She sat him on the sofa and put his shotgun away. “What happened in there” she asked. Jack looked up at her and told her tales of what he been through. “All I know is that is no godly place its erie, supernatural, and when i get better i will kill them all” he said as he laid down to get some rest. The girl cared to his wounds and tried to make him feel better. But the only thing that will make him feel better is Knowing everyone in the AbuseMent Park is dead.


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AbuseMent Park- The Series: The Vendor

“Well Hello There...Yeah You over there looking in from the outside.” He steps toward them and asks them their names. “I’m Sue” the girl said and “I’m Peter” said the boy. The vendor put his arms behind them and moved them towards the turnstyle. He told them stories of the fun and games that awaited them. He told them if it wasn’t fun to come see him and they’ll play a extra special game. He walked inside and showed them his cotton candy cart. They were amazed at how it looked. it didn’t look like a regular cotton candy cart. They thought maybe its a new kind of cart they never seen before.

“I don’t just sell cotton candy Kids” He said with an evil grin. He pulled out some bracelets that had a red glow. “Wow what’s those” asked the kids. He told them it had powers to make their every dream come true it would make them what ever their heart desired. All they had to do to get it was have fun in the park and play his game after they had a look around. The kids brought cotton candy and ran off into the fog.

The vendor kept close distance and watched what they were doing. He watched them eat the cotton candy and waited for the games to begin. The kids came up to a big tent in the center of the park. “My head is spinning Peter” Sue said as she pulled peters sleeve. “Ahh stop you just being a baby. Now come on its just a tent” Peter said as he pulled Sue behind him. When they entered the tent there stood the vendor flicking a coin. The Kids walked to the center of the tent and stood in front of The Vendor.

“Do you kids want to play a game?” asked The Vendor. But before they could answer they fell to the ground and didn’t get back up. The Vendor walked over to them and emptied their pockets. He didn’t find anything useful to him. He walked out of the tent pushing his cart and laughing in a evil laugh no one has heard before. When the kids woke up they didn’t know where they were or why they were there. They walked toward the opening in the tent but they heard some laughter coming from behind them. They turned around and saw five demented clowns with foam around their mouths coming towards them. They started to run and Sue started to scream. They saw a run down building and ran inside. There was many rooms inside the building and they didn’t know which one to go inside. “Lets split up we will be safer this way” said Peter. He looks around and tells Sue to go upstairs and he will stay down stairs.

Peter went to hide in a room that looks like someone slept there before. Sue ran up as far as she could and hid in a closet. The clowns burst in and started to sniff the air. The air smelled of sweat and fear. The clowns started to laugh in a high pitched laugh that made your ears bleed from the sound of it. Peter grabbed his ears and tried not to scream but the noise was to much he yelped into the air and asked for it to stop. The clowns burst into the room and dragged him outside. Sue could see them tro a tiny hole in the wall. The clowns scratched and ripped peters skin. They tore into his stomach and grabbed his liver. The clowns started to fight for the liver and it dropped to the ground. Sue began to cry. “Oh my god what am i going to” asked Sue. The clowns looked up and saw her peeking through the hole. They picked up the liver and ate it and started running for the building.

Sue knew she had to get out or she would die like Peter did. She ran out the closet and down the hall. There was a latter there that led to the roof. She climbed the ladder as fast as she could. “What am i going to do now” she thought. She looked down and saw The Vendor pointing to a ladder that leads to the ground. She quickly ran and climbed down the ladder she ran to The Vendor and burst into tears. “Please mister these clowns are trying to kill me and they killed Peter and ate his liver.... I don’t want them to eat my liver...Plea-” The Vendor interrupted her “Come come child there is nothing to fear i can make them go away” said The Vendor as he wiped her tears away. She stepped back “You can? How...Please i’ll do anything” she said as she looked behind her. The Vendor started to grin he knew he had her just where he wanted her. “All you have to give me your soul and you’ll be from from them” he said with his evil stare. “If you don’t the clowns will get you” he said while laughing. She looked and him then she turned and looked behind her “My soul?” she asked. She turned and ran toward the path to take her out of the park. She ran as fast as she could all she could hear was The vendor laughing behind her. The gate closed as she came near to it she was trapped.

She turned to look behind her and there were the clowns. She panicked and didn’t know what to do. The clowns grabbed her and threw her to the floor. They ripped her skin fiercely and tore open her Stomach. All the screaming made The Vendor and the clowns laugh. They gapped her liver and ate it until there was no more. “You see my child your soul was mine to begin with.” he said as he pushed his cart away from her dead body. “People who enter my park never leave unless i want them to.” He said as he entered a dark building. He went up an elevator and made his to way to the fifth floor of the building. He walked into a room that had blood all over the walls and scratches on the floor. This is the lost souls room, he brings all the souls he has captures at the park to this room to wait for Queen Calina to absorb them. Sue and Peters souls are relased here from his cart that held them. He pushed his cart out and back down to the elevator. He exited the building and walked towards the turnstyle. He parked his cart in his usual spot and walked over to the turn style and stood along the side of it. “Now for my next victim, Who will it be” he asked as he started to laugh.

* Story Notes-

1. The people Sue and Peter are NOT children. I refer to them as the kids simply b/c i didn't know what to refer to them as. And being that the vendor is 40ish i'm thinking they should be maybe 19ish not sure tho what ever age you want them to be really.


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AbuseMent Park:The Series: Darkness Inside Me

“Put that down Ark, I told you about playing with knives” Joan says as she grabs the knife from Arks hands. She walks over to the counter and put it back into the draw. “Awwh mom you don’t ever let me have any fun” Ark shouts as he walks out of the kitchen. He walks out of his front door and heads over to a friends house. He walks up to the front porch but decides he's going to sneak up on them. He walks towards the back of the house “Boo” Shouted Adam. Ark jumped then started laughing. “You guys are crazy” he said as he walked towards the bench in the backyard. Just as he sat down Brooke, Mike and Timmy came running towards him. “Come on Ark lets play tag” said Brooke as she pulled him up. “Alright but i have to pee first” he says as he walks towards Adams house. He walks inside and passes through the kitchen on his way to the bathroom. On his way back through the kitchen something shiny happened to catch his eye. It was the most amazing knife he has ever seen. It was big and sharp and would cut through anything, it almost looked like a machete but he knew it wasn’t. He put it in his pants and ran outside.

When he got outside Mike ran to him and slapped him on the arm “ You’re it” he shouted as he ran away. They ran all around Adam’s backyard laughing and shouting at one another. Timmy was it and he was running towards Brooke He ran up to her and Pushed her on the ground. Brooke shouted and started to cry. She got up and ran towards her house. Ark stopped and looked at Timmy, they were laughing at his sister. “What’s so funny” he asked them. They looked at him and continued to laugh “Your stupid sister” they said. Ark got upset and grabbed for the knife he put in his pants. He lunged at the boys. He landed his first blow on Timmy, he stabbed him in the neck. Timmy screamed as Ark pulled the knife out. He grabbed mike and stabbed him until he couldn’t hear anymore screaming. Adam tried to run into his house but Ark chased him. When Ark caught him he stabbed him in the chest. Adam screamed and Ark stabbed him in the mouth. “Don’t ever laugh at my sister” he said as he continued to stab Adam.

All the screaming brought Adam’s parents out of the house. His mother came out and saw Ark stabbing her son and the other two boys were dead. She couldn’t do anything but scream. Ark stood up and slashed her across the face and ran home. When he got home he ran in the house and slammed the door. “Where were you?” Joan asked. She turned around and looked at Ark. She saw all the blood and ran over to check and see if he was alright. “It’s not my blood mom” he said as he pushed her away. His mother looked confused and wondered why he would have someone else blood on him. She called for his father to come downstairs and check on him. He came downstairs and saw ark covered in blood. He rushed over and grabbed his arms “Who’s blood is this” he asked while he shook Ark. Just as Ark began to speak he heard sirens coming from the neighbors house. His father ran out to go see what happened, His mom rushed to the window to watch. As Kevin walked towards Adams house his mom ran over to him and started hitting him and crying “Your son did this....How can you live with yourself knowing your son is a murderer” She said as she fell to her knees. Kevin pushed her away and made his way back towards his house.

He walked in and slammed the door. “Why would you do that, Are you crazy” he shouted as he walked towards Ark. He slapped Ark across the face and Ark pulled out the knife he used to kill the boys with. “They hurt Brooke” he tried to explain. His father didn’t care he threw Ark some clothes and told him to get out. Ark tried to fight him but he was to strong. He threw him out and locked the door. Ark banged and stabbed the door. They closed the curtains and walked away, Ark stood outside cutting himself and screaming at the door. Soon he heard sirens coming toward his house, he knew he had to get out of there. He ran into the woods behind his house, he changed his clothes and Kept.

Ark was so distraught he couldn’t cope with out the love of his parents. He would cut himself when he felt sad and lonely. One night while he was camping in the woods some people came across him and asked if they could join him. Ark didn’t say anything he just looked up at them and then looked back down at the ground. One of the people bent down to see if he was alright. Ark lunged up and slashed his throat. The blood running down his arms felt good to him. He enjoyed the warm feeling he got as it dripped down. The other camper screamed and started running. Ark ran after him they ran through the dark woods and Ark lost him in the night. He screamed up at the moon, He looked around and saw an Erie fog leading to a place that smelled of Blood and Death. He walked up to a sign and it read Welcome To The AbuseMent Park. “Sounds like my kind of place” he thought to himself. As he walked in he saw limbs and flesh everywhere. He walked toward a bloody booth but no one was there. There was no one around but he had the feeling something was watching him. He turned around to see 5 Hell Hounds standing behind him. They started to growl and move in closer to him. He started to laugh at the sight of them. “You are beautiful babies” he said as he reached to touch them. They sniffed his hands and clothes. They could smell the anger and pain he has inside. They can sense he is a murderer at heart. The dogs backed away and disappeared. Ark wiped his eyes to be sure he just seen them disappear. He turned and walked further into the park.

He saw a blood stained trailer and walked inside. There were arms and torsos left in the trailer. He turned to go out the door, when he opened the door a woman appeared. “Why are you here” asked the woman. She floated around him and sniffed the air around him. “You want to torture souls, and rip their hearts out” she asked. Ark looked at her deep black eyes and slowly began to answer “I want to torture souls, and rip limbs off, I want to give people hell like my parents did to me” he said as he began to smile. The woman began to laugh and disappeared. Ark looked around but didn’t see where she went. He walked out of the trailer and towards a building. Just as he got closer to the building the woman appeared to him again. “You have the soul of a reaper and you will take souls and bring them to me.” she says as a glowing sword appeared in his hands. “This sword is like no other and with it you can take souls.” she explained. The sword made him feel more powerful he had more strength. He knew with this weapon he will do things he always dreamed. “Let the darkness flow through you, Become one with the darkness it will take you on a journey like no other” the woman said as she slowly faded away. Ark Vowed to torture and mangle anyone who crossed his path. From this day forth i will be known as The Reaper.


Joan- Arks mom
Kevin- Arks dad
Brooke- Arks sister
Timmy- Friend
Adam- Friend
Mike- Friend


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Hey, your story's coming along real nicely, i'm gonna have to sit down and read this properly, cause at the moment i'm sorta doing a fast read of it, mainly cause its late here, 11.20pm and i'm needing a kip (sleep) Sleep


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Wow! That a lot! I haven't read it yet but I will when I get time, I love reading Very Happy


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AbuseMent Park- The Series: There's No Light At The End.

She could remember that horrible day like it happened yesterday. “Mom can you turn the radio up. Tobi asked as she leaned forward in the car. Her mom turned up the radio to loud and her dad looked over and turned it down. “No loud music we have to be alert on the road, Now sit back and put your seat-belt on” he said as he turned his head back to look out the window. She sat back in frustration and put her seat-belt on. Her mom looked over and shouted at her dad. The more they argued the louder it got and soon her mom wasn’t watching the road. “You always have to tell her no for something” she yelled. Her dad reached over and smacked her. “Don’t you ever lay a finger on me” she yelled as she let go of the wheel. She slapped him three times across the face and tried for more. The car swerved across the street it sped into the oncoming lane. “Mom look out” shouted Tobi but it was to late a truck was coming straight at them. Her mom grabbed the wheel and tried to turn but the truck smashed into their car. Its smashed the whole front of the car and sent them flying into the rest of the traffic. The car was headed into the express lane.

Two cars smashed into the side of the car and sent it flying into the trees on the side of the road. The car smashed into the tree and came to a stop. There was no sound coming from the car. No cries for help and it seemed like there was no movement. Some people called the cops and the ambulance. They arrived five minutes later and saw the terrible accident. They rushed over and seen all the blood on the car windows. Tobi came to and started screaming. “We got a live one” yelled one of the EMTs as he ran over to the car. He saw Tobi moving in the backseat and her parents were dead in the front. They opened the side door that wasn’t smashed and reached for her. They unbuckled her seat-belt and pulled her out of the car. She didn’t have any broken bones or serious injures. “Your very lucky to come out of this unharmed. This was a fatal accident. That seat-belt saved your life” he explained as he walked her to the ambulance. The other two EMTs rushed to the car to aide the two people in the front. They opened the right side door which wasn’t damaged and her moms body slumped to the side and was hanging by her seat-belt. The EMT looked in at her dad and saw that he was dead too. “We got two DBs here bring the bags” he yelled at one of the EMTs. Tobi began to cry as they zipped up her parents body bags.

A car rode by and splashed water all over Tobi and awoke her from her day dream. She stood up and looked down at herself. She was dripping wet and had mud stains on her shoes. She looked up into the sky and saw the sun beginning to set. “Why me” she asked the sky as she walked down the street. She walked up to a big fancy house with a big gate and just stared at it. She saw a woman and her son going in the house. This house was taken from her after the accident. She has tried to get somewhere to live but no one will take her in. She roams the streets and gets her food from the garbage. She waits behind restaurants for them to throw away the scraps so she can eat them. She is always scared of being out there by herself but she has no other choice. She only has herself and she doesn’t talk to anyone. The street lights came on and she moved away from the house. She started walking and didn’t care where she ended up at.

She walked into a town that looked like no one lived there for years. She felt at home here “It’s perfect” she thought to herself. She walked down the streets and came across a park. She didn’t bother to look at the sign and walked in. A strange man and a cart walked up to her “Well hello there. Welcome to the best park ever.” He said as he waved for her to come closer. She walked over to the man and didn’t speak a word. She just stared at him and walked away. The man started to laugh “Foolish girl” he said as he pushed his cart away. She walked up to a blood stained booth and took a step back. She looked around and didn’t see anyone, “Hmm maybe it’s decoration” she thought as she moved on.

She walked up to a blood stained trailer and hesitated to go forward. She gathered her strength and walked inside of it. There was blood and arms everywhere there were torsos on the floor and heads in the corner. She heard a noise come from the back of the trailer, she looked up and saw The Reaper running straight for her. He cut her above her belly button she screamed and ran out of the trailer. The reaper followed her to the door and jumped down. He threw his sword in her direction and it stabbed her through her leg. She screamed and fell to the ground, She grabbed her leg and saw the sword sticking out of it and started to cry. The reaper walked towards her and grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it out. Tobi screamed so loud it scared the birds away. He grabbed her hair and dragged her back towards the trailer. She screamed for help but no one would answer.

He made her stand up and tied her to a pole. He remembered his knife he had from in the woods. He slowly drew it out of his pants and put it on her neck. She pleaded with him not to kill her. He sliced her arms and liked the sound of her screaming. He wanted to hear more it made him feel powerful. He stuck the knife in her leg and listened to her scream in pain. Her blood dripped from his knife as he continued to slice her everywhere. Tobi couldn’t take anymore she was giving up “Just kill me already” she pleaded. He grabbed her head and made her look at him. He slowly cut her across the face and smiled when the blood dripped down his hand. He grabbed his sword and put it to her throat. He drew it back and slammed it into her throat, when he pulled it out the blood squirted all over his face and on the walls. He smiled as his sword turned into a scythe. He thought to himself before he knew what to do. He cut her body in half with his scythe and watched as her soul was ripped from her.

Her soul floated above him and his scythe began to glow. Her soul drifted into the scythe and it turned back into a sword. He felt so powerful and he wanted more. He began to chop her limbs off one by one just so the blood could splash on him. He wiped his face and he heard a voice “Do you like your new toy” it said. He turned and saw nobody there, He turned back around to the girls body and saw Calina standing there grinning. “Do you like your new toy I gave you” she asked again. He grinned and began to laugh “It’s perfect” he said as he pointed the sword towards her. The girls soul was released and Calina consumed it. She moaned in enjoyment as the soul entered her. “You will do wonderful work as my minion, Your my soul barrier and you will live forever” she said as she caressed his face. She put her hand over his face and shocked him with lightning He floated into the sky and lightning hit him again. When he floated down he was more powerful than he was before. “With this power you will be unstoppable” she said as he rose from his knees. He stood up and looked at her and started to laugh. She began to disappear into the night as he laughed his evil laugh. He returned to his trailer to wait for the next unlucky person to enter.


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AbuseMent Park: The Series- The Taste Of Life

“This is a man you never want on the streets.” The doctor explained to Stan’s nurse. “He is dangerous and not stable, Make sure you cuff him to the bed after your done feeding him.” She said as she began to leave the room. The nurse stood there with a tray of food in her hands. She didn’t know wether she could feed him or not. Stan just sat up in the bed staring out the window. She walked over to him and sat on the bed. “Stan I'm here to feed you.” She tried to explain. Stan turned around and looked her in the eyes. He looked down at the tray and turned his head back towards the window. “I don’t eat that kind of food” he said as he looked out the window. The nurse looked confused as she didn’t know what to feed him, and he has to eat. She touched his shoulder and Stan turned around. “Well, what do you eat then?” she asked. Stan cracked a smile and looked her up and down, he noticed the keys on her pants. “If I tell you what I eat will you give it to me? He asked. The nurse looked confused as he spoke, “What do you mean?” she asked.

Stan rose from his bed and gripped his hands together as he got closer to the nurse. “Well, what I eat is pretty simple, I don’t know why, But it’s so good” he explained. The nurse became scared and began to back away “What do you mean?” she asked. “I mean” he said as he lunged for her. He grabbed her mouth and put his hand over it he turned her around so he was behind her. He bit her neck and ripped the skin from heck off her body. She screamed and fell to the floor. He bent over and bit her neck again. He rose with a blood covered face, he looked out the door window and saw no one there. He knew this was his chance, He grabbed the keys from the woman’s body and wiped his face with her shirt. He opened the door and ran out. He got to the hall with the locked door that leads out. He quickly tried all the keys and finally found the right key and opened the door. He saw the door at the end of the hall with the light coming from it and ran as fast as he can towards it.

He ran to the door and pushed it open its ran so fast and didn’t look back. He found some woods and kept running. While running he could see the Haunted House he created in front of him. He ran inside and looked around, He was home. He looked at the bodies on the walls and began to smile. He missed the smell of his home, He felt the walls with his hands and felt his body tingle at the touch. He remembered all the things he had done there and all the people he killed. Stan heard a noise coming from the back of the house. He headed towards the back and the noise stopped. He looked around and didn’t see anyone or anything. “Get Out” a voice whispered in his ear. He turned and saw nobody standing there. “Who are you” he asked as he stood there. He felt a cold chill on the back of his neck and turned around. No one was there, Suddenly something pushed him into the wall. He hit the wall with a loud thud and fell to the ground.

He grabbed a bone from the floor and threw it at the window in front of him. The glass broke and the house disappeared around him. He covered his eyes and began to shout “Who are you.... Who are you” as he began to lay on the ground. He fell asleep in the middle of the woods and no one knew he was gone. The next morning he could hear animals wondering around the woods and woke up. He stood up and looked around, He didn’t know where he was but he just kept on going. He wanted and wished to find his way home but knew he was from from home. The air didn’t smell the same, it even looked different. “Where have they taken me” he thought as he passed a lake. He looked up at the sky as he continued to walk. He walked until his feet began to bleed and when he looked down he noticed and entrance to an eerie park.

The park looked dark and gloomy and reminded him of his old haunted house. He felt no one would look for him there, No one in their right mind would come here. He entered the park and glanced around, out the corner of his eye he saw a man pushing a cart headed towards him. The Vendor walked up to him and sniffed the air around him. “You smell worthy of meeting the Queen and making your dreams come true” he said as he pointed towards a building. Stan looked over and saw a dark building that looked like nothing but evilness dwells inside. He started to walk towards the building, Halfway there a woman appeared before him.

She grabbed his head and moaned in joy. “You have the soul of a true Manic, I like that.” She said as she circled him. He looked at her and wondered who she was, “Why are you watching me?” he asked. “Do you want to Kill for me? She asked. Before he could speak she grabbed his head “I can make your dreams a reality” she whispered in his ear. He began to grin and laugh, Just as he began to laugh she let him go and hovered in the sky. She lowered her hands and slowly rose them above her head. Stan turned around and saw his Haunted House being risen from the ground. He was shocked at the powers this woman possessed, He felt the need to please her. She hovered back down and grinned at Stan. “You’ll serve this world it’s death and death you shall bring. For you will serve this park good and serve you shall. Kill for me Stan” she said as she began to back away. She slowly disappeared and Stan rubbed his eyes.

He looked toward his Haunted House and grinned at the site of it. He had his Home back and he could kill again. He had to prove himself to the Queen and vowed anyone he ever got to go into his House would suffer beyond suffering. He will eat anyone he wanted to and display their body parts all over his house to please his Queen. He ran into his house and felt just right. He turned around and gazed out at the park. This is where he belonged he thought and shut the door.


Post on Sat May 14, 2011 2:59 pm by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

On a side note aside from the stories i got a new tat today Smile


Post on Sun May 15, 2011 2:10 am by Fred100

ooooooooh , it looks pretty cool
Is it JM , or MJ? Or NM?


Post on Sun May 15, 2011 3:17 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

its MJ my Michael Jackson tattoo i wanted forever


Post on Sun May 15, 2011 11:56 am by Fred100

Ahh yeah , Michael was pretty great , is it a permanent one?

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