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1 azumanga daioh anime on Sun May 30, 2010 3:34 pm


Hey guys, one of my fav animes is Azumanga
Daioh. Auzumanga Daioh is the randomest anime ever. It’s just a story about the
day to day lives of a group of highschool girls. The first main girl is Chiyo
Manhama, or as everyone knows her as, chiyo chan. Chhiyo is a child prodigy,
only being 10 and yet she’s in highschool. She’s basicly the class mascot. The
next main character is Ayumu Kasuga, or as she’s known to everyone else, Osaka.
Osaka is a transfer student from the city of Osaka and as a steryotype of the
normal Osakan person in anime, she has a southern American acsent. She’s very
spacey and always falls asleep in class. The next main character is Tomo
Takino, or known by everyone as simply, Tomo. Tomo is extremely energetic and
full of toooooooo much energy, she always tries to beat everyone at everything,
at the expence of her own humility (if she has any). The next main person in
Koymoi Mizuhara, or as people call her, Yomi. Yomi is the 2nd
smartest person in the class, just behind chiyo chan. Yomi and Tomo have been
in the same class together ever since grade school. Though she doesn’t look it,
she is sencetive about her weight and tries every diet known to mankind, yet to
no avail, she loves super spicy food and she is probably my fav one out of the
6 girls. The next main girl is Sakaki, everyone calls her miss Sakaki cause
she’s so tall. Sakaki is the fastest in the class, but isn’t good at long
distance running. Everyone says she’s cool, but Sakaki just wants to be cute
like chiyo, and to add to the cuteness, her room is covered with stuffed
animals and she really wants a cat, she ends up getting an extremely endangered
cat in the end, the funny fact is that she saw the cat at Okinowa. The final main girl is Kagura, who became part of their group
when the girls hit 2nd year. She’s the 2nd fastest in the
class, behind sakaki, because of this, she sees sakaki as her rival, but sakaki
doesn’t really care. Kagura has one other rival, Tomo, they share all the same
traits, but unlike tomo, Kagura knows when a joke has gone too far. Finally,
Kagura is extremely athletic. Apart from the 6 main girls there is 3 main
teachers miss Yukari Tanazaki, a big drinking, long sleeping funny teacher that
doesn’t really care if the kids in her class pay attention or not, she is the
language teacher and homeroom teacher for the main girls. The next teacher is
miss Minamo Kurosawa, the P.E teacher, she is the teacher that everyone likes,
yet she can’t get a boyfriend. Minamo got the nickname Nyamo from miss yukari
because they’ve been friends ever since highschool. The final teacher that
everyone knows about is Mr Kimura the classical literature teacher who’s
personality can be summed up with these 2 lines from the 4th ep

Tomo: Mr Kimura, I have a question. Why did
you become a teacher?

Kimura: because I like HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS!

Which brings us to the question, why did
the school hire him in the first place? Well that’s all guys, my final word on
Azumanga Daioh, a hilariously random anime that’ll make you laugh yourself to

This is chiyo chan


This is Osaka


This is Tomo


This is Yomi


This is Sakaki


This is Kagura


This is Miss Yukari


This is Nyamo


This is Kimura


And yes, he does always look like that

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2 Re: azumanga daioh anime on Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:19 pm


here's the azumanga daioh trailer, please ignore the rating at the start of the vid, for some reason the first DVD was rated MA for +15, but I have the anime and I can tell you now that there is nothing bad in the anime

3 Re: azumanga daioh anime on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:22 pm


I did one better guys, here's the opening theme, enjoy Very Happy

ask harpex next time you see him, he'll tell you that this is the best opening theme song ever, I don't think so Razz

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