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Tori's Den

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Tori's Den


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Hey All this is where i'm going to post all my stories and poetry. Unless there becomes a section for them then i would post there lolz. Here is the Intro to my Stories so you guys/gals can get familiar with whats going on. This is also an open preject to the public... I write the sotires and the community comes up with the charaters. Anyone here can also join in on the character creating. If you would like to creat a character please PM me the character and the story on the character. I'll post a sample character so you can see how to create them.

Introduction To AbuseMent Park: The Series.

History: AbuseMent Park: The Series started in 2010.
The name comes from my PS3 gaming clan AbuseMent Park. The stories
however has Nothing to do with gaming at all. I write the stories and
the community makes the characters. It’s open to anyone and everyone on my
site Or other sites to make characters to contribute to the park or have die. The Park
is full of all kind of beings that plans on destroying the world.

AbuseMent Park Background:

The Park itself is controlled by Queen Calina Drucellous. She is the
heart and soul of the park. She was created by Darkras a mystical being
unknown to our world. He gave her powers no man can withstand. She has
long jet black hair, Long nails for tearing through flesh. She dwells
in the building with the stairs that only go down. She kills everything
and everyone who comes down to her den. The only way for her to spare
you is if your soul is dark and evil and wanting destruction. She lets
them live and dwell in the Park, They are her children. She allows them
to kill for her and help aide in the destruction of the Human race.
Though many try to stop her, She’s unstoppable but she does her have
one weakness.

Creatures In The Park: The creatures vary from Demons, Cannibals, Slashers, Reapers, Ghosts, Hell Hounds, Maniacs and much more.

Character Info:

Character informations is always growing and changing for me to write
them all down one time but they will be unveiled as the stories
progress and will also be revealed at the end.

Park Places-

Queens Den
- The Queens Den is a 2 story building but has only one way to go and that's down. Once down the long spiral stairs you come across a door. Upon opening the door there are 3 halls all covered in blood and bones. at the end of the middle hall is a secret door this is the queens torture chamber Smile.

Park Entrance- The Vendor loves to hang out at the entrance of the park to see if any victims fall for his ploys.

The Reapers Trailer- The Reapers trailer is a few feet from the parks entrance and it looks seemingly normal to the unknown eye. Once your inside you see his puppets made of human parts and heads displayed everywhere.

3 Story Building w/ Basement-
This 3 story building in habits alot of different kinds of evil.
1st Floor- Jennifer- Demonic Energy
2nd Floor- Hell Hounds Master
3rd Floor- Snake The Demon
Basement- Mel The Manic Ripper

The Haunted House-
The psycho/cannibal Stan dwells here and he is crazy as crazy can be.

Sample Character:

Name- Jennifer Bacic Also Called Lilith
Age: Immortal
Origin- Unknown

One of a more powerful class of demons, her eyes appear white, not
black, in a human host. Lilith came across the AbuseMent Park one day
when she overshadowed a boy being led into a evil place. She watched as
they tortured people. She watched them kill and spread their blood like
butter. She knew this is the place for her. She knew people will come
to her realm of the park and never get out. This is where she will call

Powers- Overshadowing,
Supernatural strength, She Can Posse You, She has razor sharp Nails
used for slashing flesh, Fire Balls, Teleport, and Astro Project

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Post on Sun May 15, 2011 2:10 am by Fred100

ooooooooh , it looks pretty cool
Is it JM , or MJ? Or NM?

Post on Sun May 15, 2011 3:17 am by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

its MJ my Michael Jackson tattoo i wanted forever


Post on Sun May 15, 2011 11:56 am by Fred100

Ahh yeah , Michael was pretty great , is it a permanent one?


Post on Sun May 15, 2011 2:15 pm by xPsychotic_-Vixenx

yea xD


Post on Mon May 16, 2011 2:41 am by mikefx

cool tat and a cool story.. I Agree

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